Follow these topics and categories to stay in-the-know when it comes to Relay and all things Neighborhood-related.


Let your neighbors know how you and your family use Relay. Discuss topics and issues that are relevant to the Community.


Ask questions about your Relay device, app, or service. Post here if you need to troubleshoot or run into issues.

Local Groups

Our local groups are designated for Relay users in different geographical locations. As we open up these specifics groups, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and discuss with fellow Relay-ers in your area.

Beta Testers

This category is designated for Beta-tester-only participation and is not open for everyone to reply in. As they go through different iterations of Relay, Beta testers can discuss features, issues, and ideas with other members and staff here. We will roll out the public visibility of certain Betas in this category as they conclude.