10 ideas to reduce screen time and inspire unplugged play


Originally published at: https://blog.relaygo.com/10-ideas-reduce-screen-time-inspire-unplugged-play/

Working to reduce your children’s screen time? Here are 10 simple techniques to make it easy to fall into unplugged play…


Great blog MK! Lots of good ideas. I also think they will work for my grandkids when they come over! I can live with the “tornado” issue as well :slight_smile: Jeff


Thanks Jeff! The ideas I featured in the post are things we’ve introduced gradually throughout our home over the course of about two years and now our son regularly entertains himself for hours on end. Would love to hear what you end up trying and how your grandkids respond.


Nice ideas! One thing we’ve experienced with our kids is getting past the “I’m bored.” Even when we’ve given them great things like are in this article. It’s OK to let them be bored and once they get past it is when their imagination really turns on!


Exactly! Being comfortable with boredom is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately - not only for my son but for myself too. It’s in those quiet moments we find time for reflection and can fully process our thoughts. Not every moment of the day needs to be programmed. I may even write my next post on this :slight_smile: Would love to hear some examples of things your kids do once they get past their boredom @espieps !


Getting out and playing with the neighborhood kids for one. We had one parent tell us kids were never outside until we moved in. Now they see pick up games of basketball and soccer and other things. Kids are actually pretty good at coming up with ideas on their own if you take away the screen time and let them think about it. I’m one of those parents that when their kid comes to them and says, “I’m bored,” I just look right back and say, “Good, It’s good to be bored sometimes.” :slight_smile: