3D Model available so we can start making custom holders?



Will it be possible to get a basic outer shell 3d model released to the community so we can start printing our own custom holders for the Relay?

I see on the main site there is a strap, clip and a hanger option. I may need something more beefy for my little monsters!



Hey @jasperpants and welcome to The Neighborhood! We can’t release a 3D model as of right now, but come Relay’s release when you get a hold of them, we’d be psyched to see the cases you come up with.

That being said, we have tested Relay for durability and think it should be able to hold up to all kinds of play, but love the innovation and creativity that’s bound to come with 3D printing your own cases should some extra armor be needed!

Not sure if this will help as I’m not well-versed in the art of 3D printing, but we do mention Relay’s dimensions in a post from Republic Wireless’ Community:


Hi @Andi_B, that’s perfect.

Should be able to mock something up with that drawing. And yes, it’s really just extra armor I’m looking for. Something that will handle a fall from a bike, backpack, zip line, slack line etc!



Can you do a magnetic holder since the relay is magnetic and will attach to refrigerators and such?


Yeah, that’s definitely possible. Probably embed some washers or similar inside the print.

I will take a look when I get a Relay. Although I’m hesitating right now as I’m confused over functionality when used with an iPhone.


First time fooling with 3d imaging. There’s a free CAD program online called Tinkercad. Here’s my design for a case that will attach to a lanyard that you can hopefully slip a Relay into. Made it on Tinkercad, here’s the link. We have a local club that prints for free if you don’t mind a 2 month wait. But if anybody wants to see how bad or good I am for a first time designer here’s the link https://www.tinkercad.com/things/1DRfA3vbuF3


So awesome @ViVi! :cat: Can’t wait to see how it’ll look with a Relay too!


We’ve got a pretty decent 3D printer at home. I’m going to try my hand at some clips (for the Relay) but if folks want to create some designs, I’ll be glad to give them a shot. We’ve got both regular and flexible filament and I’m thinking something like what you designed would work great with flexible filament!


Wow that’s so awesome! I designed it with the rigid filament in mind since I didn’t know there existed a flexible one. But yeah, flexible would be the safer choice in case my inner dimensions are off. Also the measurements of distance from edge to buttons and lights is an estimate since the data wasn’t there. Also the button thickness extrusion I am hoping is taller than 1mm otherwise the whole case might be too chunky to reach the smaller buttons. The reason I didn’t go with a clips design was based solely on my son always losing his Pokémon clip-on pedometer. It would just slide off and he’s wasn’t exactly an active youth. Truth be told my pedometer slipped off too. It may just be the Pokemon clip was poorly designed since I remember my pager clip from days of yore never falling off. I think the Tinkercad design can be ungrouped and undone back to the point where it was just a basic outer shell with cutouts for the buttons and speaker. But if not let me know and I can undo them on my end and re-post. Of course I wont know if the design works until the Relays ship or someone who was in the beta-test prints it out and uses it on the beta-test device. Good luck! I’m excited to see what you design!!


My relays shipped yesterday for delivery tomorrow (5/25). I’ll start experimenting then.


With the flexible filament I imagine you could go very simplistic in design, with a mostly solid back and straps that crisscross vertically and horizontally over the front. That would make the button cutout’s precise measurement non applicable! Can you mix media? like some parts rigid and others flexible? So happy for you that you get to experiment tomorrow :smiley:


The printer I have won’t allow me to mix (those are WAY too expensive). I can pick one specific filament (color and type) for each print.