3d Printed Accesories


Good day everyone, Hope all is well in the other side. Just wanted to ask and share a few things.

Has anyone found any useful 3d prints to accompany the Relay?

Here is a clip my son and I created The Fig Clip to help him take his relay when he does not have any pockets. Funny that he found more than one use for it and it came out great. There will be improvements of course down the road as I teach him the process of prototyping and upgrading or updating things to make them better. I am learning this whole 3d printing from scratch and having a blast at teaching him the in and outs of it. Hope all is well and we can keep sharing information and Ideas. Thanks and have a great day.


Here’s a case my son had created before the accessories were available. Honestly, we’ve just moved to the official case. His was printed with flexible filament to allow the Relay to be put in it: How does one carry a Relay?


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.