4-6 week delivery?!?!


I placed an order 8am Mountain time this morning. I was quite disappointed to see a 4-6 week delay in shipping. If you don’t have the devices ready, why are you pretending to sell them now?

I’m hoping that schedule is a worst case scenario. But it is frustrating. I don’t mind the delays so much, but there is so little correct information available. For example, there is an implication that IOS devices have the same features as android, etc. Until you ask a specific question, you don’t find out the full answer. And until you are ready to place an order, you don’t find out devices wont ship until June. These are 2 examples of frustrating marketing.

Things like this should be more transparent.


We understand there is a lot of excitement and a lot of questions about Relay as it comes into the market, and our apologies for any frustrations up to this point. To address the shipping timeline: Relay is in the very final stages of mass production. We’re just as excited to get you your Relay, and wanted to let you and other pre-purchasers be among the first to get your order in. We’re working hard to get you your Relay as fast as possible - and are doing everything we can to make that happen.

As far as ambiguity about Android vs. iOS app features, we’ve got a thread going here: Will Relay be compatible with iOS? that might help. The short answer is both iOS and Android phones will have the ability to activate and monitor Relay devices for this first iteration of Relay, with the solid expectation that we will have more features for both operating systems as Relay develops.

Link to 90-day extended money back guarantee produces not authorized message

So this is going to end up being a lot like the first couple generations of (proprietary) Republic phones then - buy now, play later?

Is there any actual advantage to the customer for ordering now instead of waiting until the devices are actually in-stock and shipping? There doesn’t appear to be any sort of pre-order discount or incentive, nor any guarantee that ordering now will mean you’ll actually receive it any sooner than anyone else.

Have I missed something?


Hi @homelessonwheels!

No one will be charged anything until their order has shipped. As an added bonus, our Relay Insiders who order early, enjoy a 90-day extended money back guarantee!


Great question. I was quite willing to be an early adopter for Relay like I was for the first Republic phone. However, when I realized that I was considering firing up my 1st Gen Moto just so my spouse could communicate with our 7 year old (her iPhone won’t have that feature yet) I stopped myself. I’m just not willing to go out of my way to make Relay work for my family when I can simply wait for features to be added. There isn’t even a road map that I’ve seen for iOS features. When might voice be added to iOS? Are we talking next quarter? Next year?


So, if I order now, I get to be called a “Relay Insider” - a cute title that carries no tangible perquisites. Many thanking! Much happy! I probably don’t even get my relay device(s) any earlier than those who wait until they’re in-stock and shipping. Sorry, I don’t see the point nor incentive. Makes much more sense to wait until they’re readily available, and maybe there’ll even be some accessories out by then (wrist bands, belt/pocket clips, lanyards, etc).


I completely understand how this info can be a make-or-break when it comes to being an early adopter. We’re doing our best to make sure that the voice functionality for iOS (sending and receiving messages) is available by the time the first Relay is received!

We’ve also included some info in our Help Center article: How Does Relay Work with iOS Devices (iPhone)? which we’ll be sure to update as new features become available.


Our insiders do receive other perks outside of order time. But we are still in the early stages of getting Relay to market and expect some folks will want to hold off until more features and capabilities are available. Ultimately it’s up to our customers and what they’re comfortable doing at this time. We can promise Relay has a lot to offer and having them in hand as we push these updates and features will be advantageous and mean getting them sooner than those who don’t order until then.


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Thank you for the update. I understand this isn’t a guarantee, but simply knowing that the goal for iOS voice is such is a great help in deciding to preorder.


Is there a date set for when we will be able to receive and send messages between Relay and a Smart Phone? I know it was still in the works when I signed up as an early delivery. Thanks!


When I got the email 2 weeks ago, it said that Relay to app communication would be delivered in 4-6 weeks. That would be 2-4 weeks from now.


Same thing happened with me but when I emailed them they explained it was because I ordered the Brick colored one that was on a severe backorder. I canceled my order and then reordered the blue and gray and it was shipped out that day and to me two days later (I did pay for 2 day air but we have a vacation coming up that I wanted them for). If you ordered the Brick colored one, that may be your issue.