A More Balanced Journalistic Review


For those who might appreciate a more balanced review of where Relay is today and where its potential might lie:


I skim read the article, and this was the most interesting piece of the article I read so far:

“While I certainly don’t need one more gadget to carry around every day, I could certainly see myself preferring to grab a Relay off the charger instead of my distraction-heavy phone for a day at the beach or a trip to an amusement park with the family. For my kids, especially the younger ones, Relay is an impressive effort to keep us connected without involving a full-featured phone I have to lock down myself.”

To me, that makes Relay pretty appealing to parents who just want to have more or less some distraction free family days in the month.


I agree and a reason why I take only my relay with me.

One big issue that would have to be sorted is the ability to call a phone number. If I could call Triple AAA for instance from the relay I might leave the cell phone at home a lot more often.


That is your opinion. There is no technological or tax reason that my relay could not be configured to make a phone call via my already registered Republic Wireless phone that already pays the taxes.

What I mentioned would be very similar to a automated phone patch that has been available in the amateur radio world for decades


Well that would be something that Republic and Relay would have to figure out.

No reason it can not be done and has valid reasons for the “reason it was intended”.

Sometimes children might need to contact someone not on another relay or authorized on the relay app.


Interesting. With Republic Anywhere, I can make calls on my PC (because I’m a beta tester). Could Relay have at least elements of Republic Anywhere in it for those who are already Republic Wireless subscribers…Hmmm…

I think that would make Relay even more appealing to those who are already in the Republic Wireless ecosystem. I just wouldn’t also want Relay to stray from its mission. I don’t think that Relay should transform into a smartphone one day. However, if this feature could be added, that would appeal probably more to parents who want to have distraction free family days, I think.