A Recent PCMag Video Demonstrating How Relay Works & Etc


I’ve seen the Relay promo video several months ago, I’ve read some things about Relay in the Republic Wireless community as well as here.

However, I just wanted to see a real life video of how Relay works. I was about to ask if such video exists, but I just found this recent PCMag video about it on YouTube.

I haven’t been able to watch the whole video yet, but I will.

I’m not married, and I don’t have any kids, so at this time, Relay is not for me, but I do want to know as much as I can about this product so I can better articulate its features to people I know who do have children. The little bit I saw (so far) of the Relay demonstration from that PCMag video was very helpful to me.

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Thanks for sharing this. The hosts really seemed to struggle with what channel the device was on, for instance trying to send a message while on the echo channel or being uncertain if a message would be received while a child had switched to the echo channel.

Apart from talking about Relay, the last few minutes has some interesting commentary/analysis about why there is a void in the market for this kind of voice-centered device. I found it to be very insightful. While I generally think that more competition in a product category is positive for consumers, I suspect this may remain a niche market that the mainstream carriers don’t focus on because it doesn’t increase their profitability metrics. If that continues to be the case, I’m glad it’s Republic that’s working on this, as the company has shown great care in focusing on things that are good for their customers even when those things don’t exist in the broader marketplace.


Thanks for bringing this up @aFloridian! We’re working on a more comprehensive video that will demonstrate how Relay is used and its basic functionality, and hope to have that out soon. We know this is a new product and a lot of folks want to be able to get a feel for how Relay will fit into their day-to-day lives before they purchase. Stay tuned! I’ll be sure to circle back to this post once we have the video out!


Just wanted to update you all… We’ve created this brief video in an effort to better explain how Relay works: How Does Relay Work? – RelayGo

Please let us know if you have any feedback, or ideas for other helpful videos!


… but the feature for kids to talk with their friends on other accounts is coming soon, right?

More than Two Channels?


More than Two Channels?

Hello @Andi_B. Thanks for sharing this video. I watched it when you first responded to this thread, and then I just watched it again. I’m grateful for getting more information about this product.

One of the big reasons why I posted the PC Mag video is because they demonstrated testing out Relay in their video without any acting. Therefore, I came about as close as I could to a real life interaction with Relay without actually buying the product. Honestly, I still have only watched about 12 minutes of that 20 or so minute PC Mag video, and I probably am going to finish watching it after I post this because I think it’s sad that I haven’t finished watching it. However, I just liked their very detailed approach to talking about Relay.

Below are some things that I would like to see in upcoming videos about Relay. I know that some of things in this list have already been covered in RW articles, but I especially with some of these items, they’re best covered through the medium of video, and I personally think the best of both worlds is to detail them both in video and in blog posts. Also, I think that it is good to have some videos that tell me how Relay works, but I’m personally interested in the longer form videos that walk me through the process of how Relay works. For example, I know and can be told that Relay is a communication device, but I want to see videos of people pressing the Relay button and speaking into Relay, and I would like to hear how that voice sounds on the other person’s Relay device.

Here’s some of my video suggestions:
(I know these are just suggestions, not demands).

  • I would like to see a video that contains no acting, but real life kids interacting with Relay. It would be cool to see kids playing games utilizing Relay as well as talking to their parents in real life situations that other children and parents most likely will encounter.
  • How does Relay sound like when someone speaks normally into it?
  • How does Relay sound like when someone speaks in it on Echo mode?
  • Is there a slight delay between devices when one talks to another person on Relay?
  • To my knowledge, Relay doesn’t have a voicemail. Can a child use Relay to communicate to their parents’ via the phone app while they’re a work and have their phone on silent? If not, do their parents have to tell their children certain times when their phones’ volume will be on so that they won’t miss hearing messages from their children?
  • How does one set up Relay to communicate on via wifi and cellular out of the box?
  • How does Relay look like when it is lit up (I think that’s what happens to Relay sometimes…I think I read that someone, but I might be wrong about that)?
  • How does Relay fair with a drop test of maybe 10 or 20 ft or more?
  • How does Relay fair after being under water for 30 seconds?
  • What are real parents’ testimonies of the reasons why they bought Relay as well as their actual uses of Relay?
  • How does the Relay phone app work communicating to the Relay device? (I believe the phone app isn’t out yet, but I know that if it’s isn’t available, it’s coming soon).
  • How do 3+ people use this device to talk to each other on the same “call”?

I know that some of these questions have been answered in that PC Mag video that I referenced, but sometimes it’s good to see the same thing from a different perspective. For example, if I was going to get the latest iPhone after it was announced, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t just watch one video about it–even though the iPhone as a brand has been out seen 2007. I would watch multiple videos to get multiple perspectives about the product before I dished out any money to buy it.

That’s just how my mind works. Especially since Relay basically is in its own product category, it’s going to take my brain some time to get used to how it works to really be a consumer “expert” on Relay. I’m trying to gather up all of this info without buying the product because as I mentioned earlier, I don’t have kids.


This actually might work in Republic Wireless’ favor because people might be more inclined to get Republic Wireless’ phone service–if parents can see that the RW cares enough about their kids that they’re willing to take a hit on their average profit per person they’re making because of creating this voice only device.

Relay might give RW a halo effect like Apple has had for many years with its ecosystem.

I buy things from a company because of what a company offers me, but I also like to consider its brand values. Giving parents an alternative to phones for their kids means a lot to me even though I’m not purchasing Relay as a gift or etc. right now.


This video suggestion is basically for entertainment, but I think it would be cool if Relay could be in a Will it Blend YouTube video.… That wouldn’t be a walk through video, but it would definitely bring more awareness to Relay. :wink:


Wow! This is excellent feedback! I’ll make sure our team that handles documentation sees this! It might take us a while to get these videos out to you, but now that we know they’re what folks are looking for we can prioritize them better.
Regardless, we’re glad to see you and others taking the time to really think critically about Relay. As we get more videos created, I’ll do my best to update here in The Neighborhood.


I think it would be cool to see 1 or 2 videos of real families playing these two games that @louisdi mentioned.

Maybe in one video, the parents use the Relay app while the children use the Relay devices. In another video highlighting another game, maybe all of family can just use Relay devices. That way, people can see how the Relay device is kid friendly while at the same time getting to know more and more of how the product works from different angles. In addition, if the family really has fun together playing Relay games, then that probably will be more of an incentive to buy the devices to recreate that same fun in other families.

If there is any narration in this video, it would be cool if it could be done by kids (if possible), which can further illustrate Relay being kid friendly.