Ability to disable talk button on a relay from the App



There are times when you might want someone to carry their relay with them, but ensure they can not utilize the talk function.

An ability to disable the talk button on a per relay device would be beneficial.


Can you please add some user cases for why you and others might want this? Thanks.


Perhaps you do not want your child talking during school/church/quiet time, but want location or communication after quiet time ends.

Group conferencing where the “moderator” controls who has the conch shell at a given time.

Perhaps you are playing “relay tag” and need to cut off tagged players.


I also think that it would be great to have the ability to be able to turn of the talk functionality during a given period of time (such as during the school day and the have full functionality turn back on.


You can lock the Relay by pressing the Channel and Volume buttons at the same time. It will still receive messages but you cannot send a message until you unlock your Relay (again, press the Channel and Volume buttons at the same time).


Another useful button combo that should be documented (if it isn’t already). However, that doesn’t fully cover this idea because the focus is on disabling from the app.


This is one that I wish there was a downvote on. I think this is a terrible idea. Disabling core functionality from the app seems like a terrible idea to me and creates the following possibilities:

  1. Oops I forgot I disabled this and now my child can’t reach me
  2. Ha ha, I disabled your ability to talk
  3. I disabled your ability to talk and now you have an emergency and no way to reach out

The use cases to me don’t make sense:

  1. Perfect opportunity to teach a lesson. Don’t use the Relay during these times or it gets taken away.
  2. This isn’t a tool that has been built for group conferencing
  3. Again, a lesson. Speak on the relay after being tagged out, sit the next round


You are entitled to an opinion. Don’t like the feature request then do not vote.

There is a reason that car manufacturers add the ability for drivers to lock the other automatic windows. This is a simple feature request.

Relay (Republic) can either choose to implement it or not.


Which I obviously didn’t, but the great power of this forum is that I also can share my thoughts so others are informed of it when they decide whether to vote.

When the manufacturers add the ability to disable driving completely, then we’re talking about the same thing. Talking is the main feature of the Relay, the windows going down on the car is not.


that is your opinion.

Someone might buy the relay for tracking purposes or whatever purpose they decide.

Bottom line is Relay (Republic) has to decide whether to implement or not.


Yes, every single thing every customer says on here is their opinion.

And I’ve said something other than that somewhere?


I can understand a requirement for this, and I think it could be implemented in a way that is satisfactory to a greater number of users.

My primary use case would be when I want to disable the ability for Relays to communicate with each other. As already suggested, perhaps during school, I would not want one of my children talking to another child on the same family plan, or to another child on a shared channel (future functionality).

I would want the ability to prevent Relays, for a specific period of time, from communicating:

  1. With other relays on a different families plan, (but not relays on the family plan, or with the app).
  2. With all other relays, (but not the app).
  3. With everyone, (including the app).

The specific period of time would be set from the app per Relay, and upon expiration, all talk functionality would be restored. It could also be scheduled, i.e. from 8am to 12 pm and from 1pm to 3 pm, MTWRF.

If option 3 were selected, the Relay user could still page the app, similar to what has been either suggested or planned for future functionality when the app is closed, in order to indicate an emergency need to communicate. The app would provide a notification (sound, light, vibrate, user selectable) of an emergency request to communicate. This would provide for the flexibility to be discrete, for meetings, theaters, etc.


Love the

flexibility to be discrete, for meetings, theaters, etc

as that is certainly needed if one is to carry a relay while in a professional role.