About the Ideas & Feedback category


Vote! Contribute! Give feedback! Let the Relay team know what features, process improvement, alternate use cases or accessories would make Relay better. We want to hear from you!

You are allotted a certain amount of votes based on level of engagement. All users start at a Trust Level of 0, but you will quickly move to a Trust Level of 1 as you read, post, like, etc. From there you can become a Trust Level 2, and max out at a Trust Level 3. The breakdown of vote allotments are as follows:

  • New to The Neighborhood (Trust Level 0): 1 Vote
  • ’Basic’ Status/Badge (Trust Level 1): 5 Votes
  • ’Member’ Status/Badge (Trust Level 2): 10 Votes
  • ’Regular’ Status/Badge (Trust Level 3): 15 Votes

As these votes add up, we’ll be able to determine the top requested features and use cases. You will be able to move your votes to other topics as you find them more pertinent, and your votes will be given back once we close the topics. USE YOUR VOTES WISELY!

To submit a topic in this category, you will be required to tag your request as one of the following:

  • Accessory: This is something that should be sold/made/paired with Relay.
  • Feature: Anything that should be added to Relay’s capabilities (this includes the companion app).
  • Process-Improvement: Something on the support/service side that needs re-evaluation.
  • Use-case: Other than with families with young kids, what other scenarios do you see Relay being used in?

As we go over these ideas/requests, our staff will mark the status of them as one of the following:

  • New
  • Under Review
  • Planned
  • Unplanned
  • Under-development
  • Completed

If you post about a feature that is already in development, or you post something off-topic in this section, we’ll notify you and move the topic to the appropriate category.

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