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This may be covered somewhere and I haven’t seen it. One of the biggest uses I see my 12 and 15 year old accessing would be getting information off the internet. I have not read any real description of how this would work in practice. Would it be similar to talking to Siri on an iphone? I have heard they can listen to music. I’m wondering how that gets accessed. Is it as simple as saying "play Simon and Garfunkel “Bridge Over Troubled Water?”


Hey @susanb.drmok8, thanks for your interest in Relay.

The Relay capability you’re inquiring about would fall under the “There’s room to grow” section of site – specifically, as part of the Relay’s channel concept. For Relay’s initial launch (May 2018) two channels are built in to the device – one for communication and one is an echo channel. REF: Can I Create Custom Channels for Relay? – RelayGo

Though we’re still ironing out the details on exactly how Relay’s Channels will work long-term, I think you have the idea exactly right. You’ll notice from the attached list that Relay will partner with various Internet services and do so without a screen. We’re committed to adding this capability securely, safely, and with the necessary parental controls, so a few details to work out yet. So keep an eye out, more to come…this is just the beginning.

More than Two Channels?
Let's Talk Features

I was hoping to live chat with someone at the Relay site and ask a few more questions before I ordered my Relays for my kids. I was really feeling good about the extended warranty being offered for “insiders.” I did not realize the deadline to order was yesterday. :frowning:

is there any way I can still order and take advantage of what was offered to those who had asked to be kept in the loop about when the Relay came out?

Thanks a bunch,

Susan Brenda


Hey @susanb.drmok8, you can sign up on the site to get the latest and greatest on Relay. Here’s a screen shot where you can find that on the page itself.

I’m sorry you missed the insider pre-purchase. That launch initiative goes back to Dec 2017 as interested parties signed up along the way when Relay was in its very early days of development. We’ve now opened the Relay storefront (Relay by Republic Wireless) so there is no longer a separate insider purchase flow.

We’d be ecstatic to keep you up to date on all things Relay going forward. Just sign up on the aforementioned location.


The messages and private channels seems pretty awesome to me, and I think kids are going to really like playing with the voice changer. :wink: