Accessibility for Deaf


My 10 yrs and 8 yrs old boys are deaf and myself and the father of the boys are deaf too. I am having a hard time finding a dumb phone device where I can check on them and have them reply back and also have a low monthly service. Your Relay device is a step in the right direction and having it on the boys would help me track them but that’s the only way we can use it.

Would you consider creating a similar device to Relay with a small screen similar to the original blackberry pager where you can see texts and have maybe preset text message buttons on the device to answer back? This would also be useful for the hearing kids who want to send messages silently for whatever reasons.



Hi @pawsome4, and thanks for bringing this to our attention. We definitely see why what you described is necessary, especially given your kids’ ages. We designed Relay specifically to move away for screen time, so as of right now a device with a screen is not in our plans. But we’d encourage you to keep an eye on Relay as it develops.