Accessories release?


I can’t wait to order our relays, but I don’t want to risk the kids losing them. They won’t want to carry them in their hands while they’re playing or riding bikes. And, in many cases, we they don’t have secure pockets. So, once accessories come available to help them keep track of their relays, I’ll be buying!

Relay Carrying Case

I was worried about accessories as well, but we’ve found we don’t really need them. We’ve been using relays for a few weeks now, and my 8-year-old son just puts in his pocket. He wears the typical athletic shorts that kids around my area wear and it doesn’t fall. He’s very active and never stays still. He takes it out of his pocket to jump on a trampoline, but other than that, he hasn’t had a problem playing with it. Seriously - roller blading, bike riding, running, nerf battles, climbing trees, laser tag…he hasn’t dropped it yet.

I’ll still be getting some accessories when they’re available, but I wouldn’t let it keep me from getting a Relay.


When is a carrying case going to be available for the Relay ? My wife takes it with her, but has to keep it in her pocket which muffles the sound so much she cannot hear it. We need something that will enable clipping it to a belt loop or lapel. As it is, we can only use it one-way. We gave up a phone for this and while it works, it isn’t very satisfactory if it can’t be heard.

Should have come with the Relay !


Add an accessory

Relay Loop Case with Carabiner

Available soon

Relay website says arriving soon?


I’m ready. Hopefully they will notify all buyers so we don’t have to continually monitor the questions & answers.


Thanks for your feedback! We hope to have this out in a few weeks, barring any issues in the final stages of getting them ready for shipping. We’ll be sure to announce it here in the Neighborhood when they’re ready.


Same here. My son is also 8 and keeps it in his pocket. He actually complains he can’t take it out of his pocket sometimes;it doesn’t fall out easily. I’m not sure if the outer layer is silicone, but it’s non-slip, it’s not smooth plastic for sure. The material is what helps it stay put inside the pocket and in their hands. It’s not slippery like an iPhone lol. Definitely made with durability and kids in mind.


My son uses his pockets too. However, my daughter never has pockets or belt loops. I purchased one of those fitness waist belts with a pouch (like a smaller fanny pack) and its worked perfect so far. And not as muffled as the pockets. Hoping they come out with something that can be worn without pockets or belt loops but still allow play.


We’re happy to hear that the fitness waist belt was a good fit for your daughter, and also that your son is able to utilize his pockets for carrying his Relay! Our accessory that we will be releasing does have a lanyard option. This sounds like it will work very well for each of them. More to come on that accessory! :slight_smile:


Got the email today 07/29/2018 that it is available now, but none of the “SHOP” links work. All say 404 Page Not Found??



Accessories are now available in our online store.

I’ve also updated the following Help Center article: When Will Accessories Be Available to Purchase for Relay? – RelayGo