Add a "channel monitor" function to the app



This suggested feature would add a “channel monitor” mode to the app. This would be a settings option that would allow the user to continuously monitor channel activity while the app is running on the phone but not necessarily when the app is being displayed or when the screen is on. I would suggest mirroring the function with the way any music app functions by allowing audio to play while using other apps or when the screen is off. Ideally this would include a persistent notification that would allow you to toggle the monitoring on or off in the same way that a music app would let you pause and play the music and a quick way to get back to the app and send a message. This control could also be available from the lock screen in the same way that a music app enables pause/play from the lock screen.

I don’t think this should replace the way alert notifications work but it would give peace of mind for those periods of time where you don’t want to miss out on any communication on the relays.

As additional channels are added, the persistent notification can be updated to display the channel that is being monitored and a control to change channels. A message button on the persistent notification to send messages without jumping back into the app would also be a neat feature.

An additional enhancement to this function would add an option to automatically put the app into channel monitor mode when an alert is received from a relay.

First use feedback: pretty useless in the 1 Relay + Parent App scenario

This is a great idea. I was really disappointed when I found out that the app has to be open and the screen on in order to receive a message from the relay. I hope they fix this oversight soon.


If our child holds down the volume button for 3 seconds it will alert you that they want to talk. For this notification, your app does not need to be open at all. Then you can hop in and talk.


The alert notifications are a good feature but I am frequently finding that either my screen has timed out during a pause in conversation or I am using a different app on my phone but my kids think I’m still hearing what they are saying and I have no clue that they are still sending messages. It would greatly improve my experience to be able to actually use my phone for other things or shut off the screen while maintaining relay functionality.


I agree. The application is very hard to use and carry on a conversation between the time outs (display/screen) and utilizing the features of a smart phone.

It would work perfect on a Land line phone or an old flip phone as is.


Have you been able to submit a Help ticket about this? The app should not be timing out like that.


I just mean my screen timer is set to 1 minute. So for any app I am using the screen turns of after one minute of inactivity. If I’m on the relay app and I don’t send a message after a minute the screen turns off and I am no longer going to hear Relay messages. It’s working as currently designed so I don’t think a ticket is needed.

What I would like to see added is a way to toggle Relay monitoring so that I hear Relay messages when the screen is off or when I am on another app. Right now, I might be on the Relay app chatting with the kids and then if I get a text message and then go start typing a reply my phone will stop receiving Relay messages. Meanwhile the kids have no idea that I’m not hearing them and I have no idea that I’m missing messages.


I love this idea.


Another idea that might be a relevant improvement would be to enable the app to support split screen for Android phones. At least then you could use another app while keeping the Relay app active.


The only way I believe this could be implemented would be essentially to run the Relay app in a mode like a streaming audio app. Meaning, the Relay would grab and hold on to the audio channel of the phone. You wouldn’t be able to listen to anything else while the Relay was “streaming”. Incoming phone calls would cut-off the monitoring as would any other use of the speaker.


Check out the Voxer app. I use it to communicate with board members for a non-profit I sit on. It requires a smart phone but it handles many of the features folks are asking for really well. Worth a look by the devs for comparison sake.


Should this idea thread get a “planned” tag?


While we are working on ways to meet this need, the way proposed in this specific post is not viable. We can’t monitor a channel in this way. We are working on other solutions.