Adjusting app message volume



Receiving a message from the relay within the Android app requires the phone’s media volume to be turned up. I didn’t realize this the first time my children and I tried to use ours today. Figured it out pretty quick :slight_smile: i don’t often have my media volume turned up very high, and it would be nice for the phone’s physical volume buttons to adjust the media volume (instead of the ring volume) when I’m in the app so I can adjust the media volume more quickly when my child wants to talk to me through the app.


This has been completed right?


Yes, thanks!


For those who may read in future- here is the Help article for this update: Relay Android and iOS App Update - v1.6.121 | 08/17/18 – Relay Help Center Home. Thanks for pointing this out @dobberrw- I’ve moved status to “completed”.