Advanced wifi issues/options (e.g. Orbi with mixed 2.4GHz/5GHz WiFi)


We just upgraded our WiFi from an older, single Netgear device to a new Orbi “mesh networking” setup.

The Netgear was a pretty standard wifi access point: it created two SSIDs (network names), one for 2.4GHz (the older standard wifi) and one for 5GHz (the newer, faster standard). Relay connected just fine to the 2.4GHz network (I don’t think I ever tried the 5GHz)

The Orbi is not so standard. It uses mesh networking to connect between the main access point device and a satellite device (same concept as a wifi repeater, but somewhat fancier in how it connects to the rest of the network). It also creates just a single SSID (single named network) running both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. I’ve read that some older devices struggle with networks that are setup like this. Apparently the Relay belongs on that list of devices that struggle in such an environment.

My son’s relay hasn’t been able to connect to wifi at home since we upgraded. Relay’s cell service isn’t very strong at our property either, so it is generally offline 24/7 while in our neighborhood. One of my reasons for upgrading to the Orbi system was to setup satellites near some yard-facing windows so my son and I might use the relay to keep in touch while he’s playing outside (e.g. “come in for dinner”, or “can i go visit Fran”?)

I still have the older Netgear access point and am looking into my options with that (perhaps running power and an ethernet cable outside and putting the older access point in a weather-proof box out in the yard somewhere - or maybe getting another access point capable of being powered over the ethernet cable and doing the same without the long extension cord)

before going that route i thought i’d ask if anyone else has faced the same issue and if, perhaps, there is a way to enable the relay without bypassing the Orbi system?

@jben, are you still out there? :slight_smile:



The relay doesn’t have a 5 ghz radio. I have orbi at home and it works great, so not sure what issue you are having.

Have you forgotten the network and added it back? The issue is if it doesn’t connect to the Wi-Fi then It’ll just use the cellular I wonder if it’s connecting at all or if it’s connecting and just not getting out to the internet.


I have our Relay devices connected via a NetGear Nighthawk Router that broadcast similarly as you described. It has smart connect so it broadcasts the 2.4 a 5 ghz with the same ssid and pass phrase and I haven’t had any issues.


Same configuration here, but on a Linksys Velop broadcasting on 2.4/5 using same SSID, with three nodes in a mesh configuration. No issue with the Relay.