Allow Relay app to work on Android Wear devices



Android Wear OS devices (watches) would be the perfect companion to communicate with the Relay devices. Allow install of the Relay app onto Wear OS devices and enable the notification and talking functionality. If a Wear OS device doesn’t have a built-in speaker, allow it to work when connected to bluetooth speakers/headset or allow one-way communication using microphone.


Though I don’t own one, in the spirit of Android/iOS compatibility for the Relay app, I would suggest extending this to Apple’s watchOS.


I will +1 this idea. I thought i was clever and that it was an original, but Tim beat me to it! I have a wear device and I can speak to it with google assistant, but there’s no Relay app available! I want to feel like Dick Tracy when I talk to my Relay Contacts!!


I am a samsung gear user, I believe I have gone through 4 versions. Currently my Gear Watch has a sim card and receives data and makes calls. I strongly agree that using an app on the watch would be WAY COOL with RELAY. And…It just seems like it should be easy.


I would think if that’s the case every app maker would be doing it. I have a Gear S2, my son has a Gear S3 and the availability to Tizen (the watch OS) is far from complete.


I doubt few app developers are even aware of relay. That’s why I posted. Being somewhat familiar…well, the pieces are all there for a wearable republic relay app, iOS, tizen, or wear. Just putting it out there. It would be great for the few.

Tim VanAntwerp


You miss my point. What I’m saying is that if the creation of wear/tizen apps was simple, every other developer would be doing it too. The fact that most 3rd party apps that are available for Android are NOT available for wear/tizen tells me it isn’t “easy”.