Allow Relays to talk to Relays on other accounts


I couldn’t find an answer to this question…

Can I set up my relays to be able to talk to relays on other accounts? So can I allow my kids talk to relays their friends may have on separate accounts?


Relay is currently only able to communicate to users within their own Relay account. The ability to communicate to other Relays outside of your account is something we are working very hard on finalizing, as we know that function is definitely important.


Hi @dobberrw!

Thanks for your question! Using the answer that @swall provided, we’ve added a new article to our Relay Help Center that addresses this for future customers.


Is it possible to reopen this thread? Our kids have been eagerly awaiting the ability to talk with their cousins (in another state) on Relays for nearly a year now. The Instant Chat channel doesn’t cut it. I understand this is being worked on as it has been mentioned in other threads but I haven’t seen anything about it in the last couple months.


This thread is open just the answer is set, for now. We will change it in a a short while when the cross account persistent chat feature comes out.


Ok thank you


Can’t wait for this to come out…


Hi all, just a reminder that this is now possible via Open Chat :confetti_ball::