Alternate relay app login



I think the ability to create an alternate or temporary login that has reduced permissions would be useful. Perhaps one that is time limited.

For example allowing the babysitter to be able to communicate with the kid’s relays without giving that person full access to the account and device setup.

Another use case would be giving this alternate login to extended family and/or older siblings who have their own smartphone.

Step Parents/Multihome
Add a second app to relay

This is a great idea!


My slight twist to this or thought on access would be for other users to only have access to the relay chat screen. I’m not so worried about duration thought that is a nest idea. My thought is for grandparents when they get multiple channels working I think that would be awesome


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I actually purchased this relay thinking this is how it worked since you have to pay monthly I thought my son would be able to talk to any family member that downloaded the app to their phone and he could chat with them on their own channel each so anyone with a smartphone could just have a user account and contact the relay individually…this isn’t the case?? Please make this possible.


Adding to the request that non device owners can use a separate login for the Relay App to communicate with devices. It would be great for my child’s friends who already have smartphones to be able to download the app and talk with my child on a custom channel. This would work exactly like the acceptance into a custom channel for a device owner, but would allow friends and grandparents to talk (and receive push alerts) without having a Relay of their own. We are happy with our Relay and the freedom it affords our 9 year old, while keeping us in communication with one another. That being said, many of our child’s friends already have smartphones (sigh) and can communicate with each other via text. It would be great if my child’s friends can download the Relay App to further his ability to stay in the loop with his neighborhood friends.


So…Is this were we enter micro transactions and start buying votes…??



Crowdfunded features.


Me too, I was under the impression I would be able to add approved contacts and have more channels available.


What gave the impression that you could add approved contacts? I want to make sure that we clean up any expectations.

While we are working on an app for non-parents, we have been an Intra-family communications platform. We very recently added some Inter-family relay-to-relay (app included) group expansion (open chat) but that is Relay family to Relay family.

Keeping in mind that this is not a phone and does not call phone numbers or allow calls from phone numbers, how would you want this to work? Is the addition of a user only app sufficient?


I am interested in a second login for the other parent. This could also work for helpers (sitters, au pair, etc.). Frankly am surprised it isn’t already available.

As a business case this could become a standard device in custody orders. Obviously not going to work in a contentious custody situation is a login must be shared between parents who don’t get along.