Anyone dropped one yet?


I’m gonna be honest, they are pretty slick. My husband was just walking in the kitchen and one slipped in his hand and fell to the tile floor. The top kinda popped up and away from the bottom from just falling less than 2-3 feet. I was able to pop it back in place but I had to do a reboot because it was acting wonky. Now I’m really nervous about giving them to our 6 and 8 year old boys. We will definitely invest in a case when available but I had hoped they would be more durable considering they are heavily marketed towards kids. We’ve also only had them for 2 or so days and it really feels like the talk button is getting worn out or loose maybe. I might be a little paranoid since he dropped it But still…


Similar Experience as the son dropped one in Lowe’s and popped the top partially. He tried closing it before seeing the talk button was askew.

Fortunately the wife was able to correct it and has been working well over the last 24 hours.

Seeing inconsistent battery life along with inconsistent cell signal

Hi @pirate96 and @ChristalP! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We designed Relay to be a durable as possible and expect it to survive drops like you described. Please don’t hold back on using your Relays. Regular wear and tear like this is something our 1 year hardware warranty is designed to cover.


Are there cases you are available to get?
Where can you get them?


I think they will be available to buy on the website soon. Not certain when though.


We plan to share more details on the first accessory within the Neighborhood in the coming days to solicit your feedback. Stay tuned!


I’ve dropped it more than my kids! I’ve dropped it on my concrete garage floor, and once I accidentally sent it flying a few feet ahead of me in a parking lot. Maybe I have some magic to my clumsiness, but the devices have been fine.