Auto-refresh the map page



It would be nice if the app location map page had an auto-update - perhaps with an interval set by the user so we can leave the map open and see where the relay is without having to refresh. In addition, I’d like the relay to still be connected when on the map page so we can hear and view the map at the same time. Perhaps with a smaller relay button so we can communicate with the map open. The relay button would be a nicety - but being able to hear when on the map page is the main improvement I’d like to see.


So do you think our defualt should be parental refresh and then let parents set an interval? Or if they are on the map itself and the screen is on just do a 30 second poll of the refresh?

This should already work. You should no longer need to be on the talk page of the app to speak.

Interesting idea of a floating talk button present throughout the app. Might want a specific idea on that alone. People typically vote for specific items. I am going to change this from a grouped idea to the refresh one so that people can vote on it better.


As for the default, it can go either way. It would be nice if it was sticky to whatever you set last though so you don’t have to do it every time if you like it a particular way.

As for being able to hear the relay on the map page - great. Somewhere I thought I saw something that suggested it wasn’t connected when I was on the map page. If I experience that again, I’ll make a specific note of where/why/what.