Baby monitor mode



This is another use case. The relay could be in active mode, monitoring sounds and when noise level exceeds certain limit, it will trigger connection to other relays/phones, relaying that baby woke up and is crying. Advantage: reliable connectivity.

Slight problem is, that the Relay would have to be either dedicated/ single use or taken away from somebody else for time being.


I think there’s another problem here, you would likely lose users like my wife who is concerned that she would accidentally trigger this and people would be listening, without her knowledge. She very much likes the idea that she has to take an affirmative action before the microphone is active. Creating a possibility that the device might trigger on its own, what do you need to get Lee cause her to cease using the relay.


Switching to Baby Monitor mode can be executed via double/triple confirms.


Perhaps it would feel more secure if the mode were activated through the Relay app on the parents phone?


I think less secure honestly. That would allow a remote user with the app to do so without the Relay carrier knowing.


Much controversy has occurred due to that with another company. Schools banning the use of the device because something just might be overheard…


If baby monitor mode could be turned on remotely. I would buy one and use it as an anti theft device in my car.