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I just want to be able to talk from my relay directly to a phone whether or not someone has that screen up.

zello and voxer do this, can you??


Hello @joshd.9dtzk3.

"’…What happens if I don’t have the Relay app open but one of my relays is trying to contact me?’

‘That’s a great question. I’m glad you asked. Sometimes my daughter relays me, and my app isn’t open, so we’ve added the ability for a child to send an alert from their Relay to their parents smart phone. If a Relay user presses and holds the volume button for two seconds, it will alert the app user that a relay is trying to get in touch with them.’"

This answer is from a short Relay Go YouTube video.


I would like that feature also. The channel alert is a work-around, not a solution. Being able to receive a message on your phone regardless app’s screen presence is an ideal feature that was likely thought of but could not be executed for some reason or another. This is a MAJOR design flaw/drawback in my opinion.


To me, this feature request looks like a duplicate of another request already posted. Should these be combined?


@joshd.9dtzk3 does after looking at @aFloridian’s and @dobberrw’s posts, would this feature request cover what you’re hoping for: ?

If so I’ll merge this thread with the existing one so folks can have their votes counted in one place.

The important thing is we have as many (appropriate) votes as possible behind high-priority features so we can prioritize them on the development side accordingly.


no joke. this whole nonsense about having to notify people for them to then listen to you is silly. it should work like zello (or better since we’re paying a monthly fee).


Zello works the same way:


I see that this idea has a “planned” tag now. Can someone explain what this means?


Sure thing! Planned means that we’ve considered this feature worth pursuing, and while it’s not yet under development, we plan to add it to Relay in the future.


Would the planned feature overlap with the suggested feature linked below? It currently has the highest vote count in the Ideas & Feedback section.


@joshd.9dtzk3 we have a couple features under active development that we will be releasing in the next month or two (scheduling software releases gets trickier around the holidays) that I hope will address your needs.

The first is an optional feature that will play messages out-loud even when the Relay app is not in the foreground. No more having to keep the app in the foreground to maintain a conversation.

The second is optional message history on any Chat channel. With this turned on, all messages on a channel will be saved so an app or device user can go back at anytime to listen to something they’ve missed. This will work even if your Relay/app is powered off or offline.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions. We’ll share more once we are closer to releasing these features.


Thank you for making it optional.

Once this is done, any hesitation that I’ve had regarding recommending the Relay will be gone. Really looking forward to this.


On the topic of options, we will also be finally adding activity notification settings by channel with this release. We listen, but great software takes time to build :grinning:


Really looking forward to these new features! Any idea of a release date?


How is this coming Sam? Really dont get much use out of these until i can be updated via background app at all times. Thank you!