Before you get your Relays


Hey @beta_testers!

First, I want to say welcome to the Relay BETA and thank you for participating! I can’t wait for your families to get their Relays and see what everyone thinks!

Before you receive your Relay devices, I would love to hear what you all are hoping to use Relay for and how you think it’ll change the way your family functions on a daily basis. Please take a minute and respond to the following:

  1. What are you most excited to use Relay for?
  2. What problems do you hope/expect Relay to solve for your family, if any?
  3. Do you have any fears about using Relay? If so, what are they?

I’ll start…

  1. I, myself, don’t have children. So I’m most excited to use Relay while going for a walk or jog around the neighborhood. I don’t usually take my phone, but often wish I had it, especially when it begins to get dark. I don’t like being out of communication with my family when in a situation like that, so I am really excited to be able to have a device that I don’t have to worry about breaking as I am exercising, that will allow me to stay in contact in case of an emergency.

  2. I think Relay could also be extremely helpful on road trips. My family takes road trips usually a couple times a year, but there are so many of us we usually have to take 2 or 3 cars. Instead of looking at the phone to make phone calls back and forth and waiting for the other person to pick up, it would be so convenient (and safe) to just press the button and say, “We’re stopping for gas at the next exit”. Additionally, taking Relay to amusement parks, the pool, and other places where you wouldn’t want to carry something as breakable as your cell your phone would be another awesome way I would use Relay.

  3. I don’t have any fears about using Relay.

So, how will you use your Relays?


I am excited to have a Relay for myself for the exercising, and music would be great. But mainly excited to be able to let my kids have a little more freedom without the scary screen problems.
Easily getting ahold of my kids and spouse will be great. One button sounds great.
A concern would be is how durable is it if dropped and how can my kids carry it on them with no pockets.


Hey there,

Thanks for being the first to post! In the hopes of easing your mind a little, Relay was designed with children’s play in mind. It has been built to resist splashes and survive a few falls from little one’s hands. I can’t wait to see how, over the course of the BETA, you find the device holding up for you and your family.

As your children use their Relays, we’d love to hear your feedback about solutions for carrying them around safely when they don’t have pockets. These are exactly the sorts of concerns we hope to find better solutions for throughout the BETA!


Our Relays will be for our kids, mostly, as well. The durability was my biggest concern. I saw on one of the emails that they’ll be watch bands and other ways to carry the Relay without pockets. I really want to try the watch band for my boys. I’ll also use it for when I’m out on walks as well. We’re really excited to start using ours!


We’re really excited about the Relay because it will introduce a new communication tool between us and our 2 boys without involving a screen. This is big. We feel this generation of youth is lacking in social development due to the abundance of technology along w/ its demands. We hope to improve our listening skills as a family while utilizing cool tech. Our 12 year old loves technology and this should be a welcomed surprise. Only fear is they’ll be addicted to Relay as well Lol!


I think a watch band would be a really cool accessory for Relay. It would be easy to hear, see the colors, and feel the vibration when getting a message. No excuses for not answering their Relays :wink: ! Im excited to have you as a part of the BETA and hearing your feedback about its durability as your kids take them with them to play.


It’s definitely important (in my opinion) to keep kids knowledgeable about new technology, while making sure they aren’t completely consumed in it. Obviously, smartphones can be extremely consuming which can make it tough to balance keeping children in the loop and over-exposing them to too much too soon. We’re hoping Relay can keep communication fun while avoiding the aspects - like screens - that keep kids, and adults, constantly on their devices. I hope your sons love their Relays (but not too much :wink: ) and look forward to hearing about your family’s experiences.


Hi Everyone! We’re in a similar boat as the other beta testers and are excited to test out the relay device with our two boys, aged 6 and 13. Our 13 year old does have a cell phone with a Republic Wireless account, but this will be an additional way to get in contact with him. We hope to have our 6 year old use this if he goes over to the neighbors house to check in on him periodically. We’ll probably also use it in the house so save our voices from yelling up the stairs, that “It’s time to eat!”. Looking forward to getting the devices!

Excellent idea about using the Relay when travelling with others!


Awesome use cases here - especially the one about calling for dinner. That reminds me of those houses that have the intercoms from room to room. Relay would definitely have saved my parents’ voices many times from yelling through my house that it was time to eat or finish our chores.


Hi everyone! We are so excited to try out our Relays. We’d been looking for a simple way to keep in touch with our kids.

Honestly, I’m excited about the freedom it will give us as parents as well as the kids. I can communicate with my kids a lot more easily.

We’ll mainly use it for having our kids stay in touch as they play in the neighborhood or knowing when my son is out of swim practice and safely in the kids’ center at our gym so I can go work out.

We’re also planning on using it as a house phone of sorts. We live in a awesome neighborhood, and the adults on our block regularly hang out in someone’s driveway after the kids are done for the day. A lot of times, my husband and I find ourselves tag-teaming to go hang out with our neighbors because we don’t have a way for the kids to call us if they need anything. Now with the relays, we can both go.

We’ll also use it when we travel in case we get separated from the kids, just to have an extra layer of protection/ease of mind.

I also like the idea of using it to save our voices and not having to yell upstairs.

My only concern about it is how to carry it around. It seems like it would easily fall out of a pocket if a kid is out running around or riding a bike, but it’s too big to use on a watch strap. But anything smaller would be easily lost.