Better Notification and Alert Controls



Now that our kids are using their Relays again, I am getting kind of annoyed with all the notifications about activity on varous channels. :slight_smile: It would be really nice if:

  1. Channel activity notifications could be differentiated from channel alerts in iOS. I would very much like for channel activity notifications to be delivered silently, but for the channel alerts, to have the on screen notification be persistent and make a sound (maybe even an option to override silent mode too). As it is, all notifications from the Relay app are treated equally and there is no way to differentiate them.

  2. Notification sounds could be changed. I would very much like to be able to change the ringtone used in iOS for the channel alert notification. As it is, I often miss it because the default ringtone is too subdued.

Thank you!


Yes, this. The Relay app needs an option to set it’s own, custom notification sound.