Billing and Payment questions


I am wanting to get my 4 relays, could someone from the company sales contact me please. One question, if we get 2 now and want 2 more, can they be added to the existing account (to communicate together), also, are we able to prepay the account ahead for like say an annual term?
There are other questions, so please get in contact with me somehow.


Hi @Mamajewelbear if you open a Help ticket and let me know the ticket number, I’ll make sure someone gets in contact with you: RelayGo. To answer your other questions…

You can always add Relays to your account as you get them. Each Relay account can support up to 10 Relays: How Many Relay's Can Be on One Account? – RelayGo

You would not be able to pre-pay and payments will need to be on a monthly basis: Can I Prepay for My Service? – RelayGo


Is the a limit to the number of phones/apps on each relay account?



The limited for phones connected to the Relay app is 10 per account as well: Can Multiple Phones Connect to a Single Relay Using the Relay App? – RelayGo


Can we then have 10 relays plus ten phones for a total of 20 devices per account?



Yes you can. That’s quite a network!


We are hoping we’ll have several voice channels to use soon. 10+ devices on one channel might drive a couple of our relay users crazy before reaching 10.