Bluetooth Headset/Headphones



I took away the smartphone of my 12-year-old daughter because she’s addicted to it. I gave the Relay instead and it’s obvious that she’s embarrassed to show it to any kids since most kids have smartphones now. I am ok if she wants to hide it… i just need to have peace of mind to know where she is. It would be great if bluetooth earbuds would work… I thought this has bluetooth so is it going to be just a software update?


A device without a bluetooth chip is not able to be updated with a software update. I am curious where you saw this device had bluetooth capabilities?


It says on the specs. I found out it’s currently just used when pairing with smartphone.


I’m not sure of the benefits of a bluetooth headset for a tween/teen or the possibility of functionality. What I think would be worth while is for bluetooth connectivity for elderly connecting the Relays to hearing aids as this would be audio only and still using the mic in the Realy for communication. At least something I think this section of buyers would appreciate.


I think this is a great idea.