Brand new Relay features just in time for summer vacation


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When we created Relay, we made a promise to all the people supporting us. We promised to create new features and channels for Relay based on your needs and your feedback. And we can proudly say that Relay is beginning to evolve into the feature-packed cell phone alternative that it’s meant to be. Now you can communicate with your Relay right from your smartphone with PTT (push to talk) walkie talkie app functionality via the Relay app. You said you didn’t want to carry around a second device every day—and we agree! When you update your Relay app to the…


I Just tried the relay push to alert your phone Held the PTT button on relay did not alert the phone Nothing
App was updated 2 hr.ago.


In order to alert your phone that your Relay wants to talk, make sure you press and hold the volume button on your Relay for a few seconds. This will be what sends the Channel Alert notification to your phone!
If you hold down the large talk button on your Relay and start talking, that does not send a notification to the phone.
Once you have the Relay app open on your phone, this is when you can start messaging back and forth in real time.
Let us know if that worked! If not, we’re happy to look into that for you.


Thanks swall
That is what I forgot .The VOL button. It works great Thank you


Sure thing! Happy to hear it’s working :slight_smile:


All so the Relay will roam I have the app on my FI phone an was in a area where I had to switch To
US Cellular There roaming partner was,ATT.It worked great. No lag,or delay was loud an clear on both relays
an phone app.