Calling all Neighbors!



Customer feedback and product iteration is at the heart of Relay, after all, Relay was built by parents, and our features continue to be shaped by your feedback.

Back in October, we launched our Referral Program :tada:, with the goal to bring a fun, and rewarding, way for you to share Relay with your neighbors, the soccer team, community group and/or carpool crew.


After almost 3 months, we’re anxious to hear what you think!

  • Have you referred anyone?
  • Are you aware of the referral program?
  • Are the prizes motivating?
  • Do you find it easy to refer your friends and family?
  • What things could we do to make it better?

We’re here for you- and want to make Relay as easy to share as it is to use. I can’t wait to read your feedback!


I exhausted my referrals before the program was in place. Right now we’re in indoor sport time so not a lot of opportunity for other families to see us using them. I expect that when we get back to spring and sports move outdoors, we’ll have more opportunities to impress other families with ours!


We’d love to send you some love for the referrals you made before the program was in place! Thank you for sharing Relay!! Send me a DM with the names of your friends and we can go from there!

w/r/t indoor vs outdoor sports- do you ever find yourself chatting with other parents about communicating with the kids? Definitely much easier to strike up conversation when the product is in use- but curious how it can come up otherwise. Do you find the prizes to be motivating?


I appreciate the offer, I’m not even sure they signed-up, and “rewards” aren’t why I referred them, bu I’ll dig up some names.

Generally, not this time of year. Everything we’re with other parents we’re all trapped in the house by cold, or at the ice rink, or where ever and the conversations doesn’t come up much.

Much easier. At my oldest’s baseball games the other two are running around with Relays, playing games with them, using the 3rd with a new “friend” that they just met at the game and this leads to 1,000 questions about what they are and a natural referral.

Honestly? I find the whole program a bit weird. I’d find something like a free month of service (for one device) for each referral more motivating.