Calling to and from non Relays


For kids with sports, because being in High School I have sporting events, so how can we call home to let parents know how far from home we are or how we did or anything like that if Relays aren’t able to call phones?


The idea is that the parent would be running the Relay app on their device and you would communicate with them through the app on the phone.


The Relay is able to communicate with other Relays, and phones running the Relay phone application, that are on the same account. Since Relay is pre-release at this time, this feature is not yet available, original forecast is for 2-4 weeks from now. Another feature due in the future is the ability for Relays across accounts to communicate with each other. I have not seen a forecast date for this feature.


So am I correct in the assumption that because my husband and I technically have separate accounts we won’t both be able to contact the relay devices until the “Relays across accounts” feature is added?


You are correct. At the moment all Relay units and parent apps have to be in the same account to communicate. As you stated once the cross account communication functionality comes out then it would not be an issue at that point to have Relay units in more than one account to be able to communicate.


No, you don’t have to wait for that feature. Doesn’t matter what PHONE the account is on, as long as you’re willing to share your sign-in credentials with your husband the Relay app can log-in to your account from multiple phones, and be able to communicate with the Relays bought on that account. My wife doesn’t even use Republic as her phone service but the app on her phone is signed in to my Republic account and works like a charm.


Yes it does. 2 relays that we have. I have 3 phones an they all work an talk to the Relays I used the same account that I have with RW . The one phone is on FI.
As far as relay to relay or group it works great for the wife and I. I have used so far up to ten miles away and it worked great It was what I had hope for an expected
It was clear an the volume was very good.


Miles don’t matter. This is cellular coverage. It matters no more than miles matters for your cell phone.


I gather that. It was a test just test to see how it would work and it does roam I was on us cellular,Via ATT with my FI phone and the app to relay worked good an and
relay to phone was good no fade no lag no delayed sound, or stutter of any kind.
So every thing is good