Can audiobooks be downloaded to the music channel?



Has anyone tried to put audiobooks on Relay? We are travelling soon and this would be great if it’s possible.

UPDATE I just downloaded a book from Overdrive as MP3 and easily transferred it to our Relay!


An interesting idea but not something I’ve tried. Presuming the audiobook in question is a standard audio file ( MP3, MP4, etc.), I would think it would work. If you decide to give it a try, I think the Community will find the results to be of interest.


I would be interested in the results as well. Unfortunately, most of the audio books my daughter obsessively listens to are borrowed from the library (using the Overdrive or Libby app). She has an old phone that she uses to listen to the audiobooks.


I’m still working on a few things, but figured I’d circle back with what I’ve found:

@erikai.cdfdna, I’d be interested in hearing what you had planned on using, too.

I downloaded an Audible book, and the file (.aax) ended up not being compatible with Relay.
I’m speculating that if you have the audiobook as mp3/mp4 files already, they should work just fine. But a few factors would be:

  • How large the files are (how long the book is)
  • whether or not you’ll also have music on the Relay (that can affect the order or the tracks on the Relay/the amount of skipping you’ll do
  • Whether it is one big file, or several smaller files (like, broken down as chapters or parts or something)

I’m going to try this with an audiobook I have at home. It’s broken into different tracks, and the files are mp4. I’ll be sure to report back about the user experience.


There is the OpenAudible open source project for converting Audible files to MP3. The dilemma is one must defeat Audible’s digital rights management (DRM) in doing so. Whether defeating DRM for personal use is legal and/or moral is a long-standing discussion. My position is, so long as I’m defeating DRM for personal use and not file sharing I’m within my rights. I respect others most notably Audible itself would disagree and, therefore, am refraining from linking to the OpenAudible project.


We were able to transfer an audiobook from Overdrive! Just make sure you download it as MP3.


I’ve been toying with this idea as well. One question I had – does Relay remember where you left off in the audiobook? If it always starts over from the beginning, my daughters would grow frustrated quickly.