Can I check the time on my Relay?



I wish there was something built in that could give me the time of day. If that’s already a feature I haven’t come across it yet.

Ideally there would be a chat-bot assistant channel that could answer queries like “what time is it in ___?” or “what’s the weather like in ___?” If the chat-bot doesn’t understand the question it could reply with a random interesting fact.


Not currently.

Google Assistant is a targeted channel for Relays in the future, which should address this idea.


I second this feature request, and add a related one.

As a relay device user, I want to be able to get the current time so that I can know how much more time I have for my activity.

As a parent-role user of the Relay Android app, I want to be able to create an alarm (time, sound, volume, vibration) that will sound on the relay device (child-role user) so that I do not need to watch time and contact my relay user.