Can kids pick who they want to contact?


I’m considering getting a Relay for my 7yo. He’s ready to be home alone for short periods, get himself to the bus, and let himself in after school, but still nervous about not having contact with us and sometimes unsure what to do if things don’t go according to plan. (We don’t have a landline.) I’d like to let him have contact with several people, but contact just me most of the time. Can the Relay be set up to include both parents (and maybe the grandparents and/or family friends?) as possible contacts, and have him choose who to contact?


You would be able to accomplish this using the channels as talked about in Relay Channel Store conversation. You can set up a channel for you, one for you and your husband and one for another group. Your child would be able to switch between the channels on the device and talk with those on that channel.