Can non Republic Wireless phones download and use the app as well?


I am wondering if the relaygo app will work with phones other than Republic Wireless. The reason I ask is because my parents (kids grandparents obviously :slight_smile:) live on an 82 acre farm and currently Republic Wireless reception for our phones is spotty at best. It usually doesn’t work out there. In fact AT&T is the only cell phone my parents have found that covers their property. The kids like going exploring and we work on different aspects of the farm so communication with their phones would be great, especially if the kids are visiting grandparents to give mom and dad a break. We will test the relay’s functionality on the property this weekend, but thought I would ask about the ability to access other phones. This may be something that has to wait until the ability to communicate across accounts takes effect.


The Relay app can work on any carrier, its only limitations would be the phones operation system versions. So having your parents on a non RW phone is not an issue. They can have the app on their phone and it will work just fine.