Can't get messages


App opens now. But my wife said she sent messages using the relay and I don’t see anything to hear them in the app. Plus it only seems to let her send a message when I have the app open and screen on.

I can’t have my phone on like that all day. I don’t see how this will be go for kids if I have to always have the screen on and app running in the front.

Plus why can’t I see the messages that were sent from it?? If we depended on it and my kids needed me, How will I know?


When someone is sending a message to you from their Relay, you will not receive a notification on your smartphone for that real time message. Alternatively, we have set up a “Channel Alert” notification that can be prompted from the Relay and sent to your phone. Here is more information on that: Can the Relay App Receive Notifications When Contacted by a Relay? – RelayGo

By utilizing the channel alerts, you will not need to have your phone open all of the time. By simply utilizing that channel alert, they’ll be able to let you know when they’d like to start a conversation with you.
By doing this, we wanted to eliminate multiple notifications coming in for every single message you receive. We found that this could quickly fill up the phone with a large amount of notifications.


Ok the volume thing worked. But if someone talks and my volume is off, there is nothing indicating I missed a message. Can’t it turn up the volume or pop up and say “Hey! Turn up the volume dolt!” And how do I remove my device from humble cat and the relays name? And how does my wife get to join the conversation from her phone.


Rename, not remove.


Are you referring to your phone volume?
At this time, you cannot rename your Relay. This is something a few other members have also asked about, so thank you for that feedback!
If she has the Relay app downloaded and is logged into you all’s Relay account, she can use that to join into the conversation.