Cases are available?


I got an email that says I can now buy cases for my relays, but the link doesn’t work. When I navigate to the website it says that cases aren’t available yet. What gives!? Let me give you my money!!!


Yup. Looks like the email went out early (the terms on the email even say July 30th at 10am). The links from the email give you a 404 error. I opened a ticket to let them know.

Accessories release?

Up same here. So Waite I guess


Have you gotten the “Oops” email? At 4:12p Eastern I got an email titled “Oops. Relay cases will be available Monday”.


Yes I did just now. Nice oops


Hey Relay team, $10.85 of shipping for a $15 plastic case for the Relay? How dense is that plastic? For $10.85 I can ship a couple of pounds to California ground from the East Coast.


I’ll do some research on the weight…but to address the shipping cost: We anticipated that being a bit of a pain point, so we included a $10 service credit for existing Relay members who purchase before August 5th.


The cost in general is way too high. It’s an entire “case” for just a loop. Why not just build a loop into the relay, like those loops on phones where you can hang charms and whatnot? There’s such a simple, cheap solution, and instead we have to spend $15. It’s frustrating.


I guess if I deduct the $10 credit, it’s not so bad. But that was quite a shock to see $10.85 for shipping by USPS. If we didn’t need it so bad, I would never have bought it. Pretty ridiculous.


I’ve made sure to pass all of your feedback along to our other teams involved with product and pricing. We understand that a lot of folks have been waiting for the first Relay accessory in order to make the device itself easier to use and integrate with day-to-day life (especially for kids). Our teams have been working very hard to get this accessory released after hearing our members’ concerns about portability and ease of use when on-the-go, and we won’t stop listening. We’ve offered the device credit to alleviate the cost of shipping, and I’ll continue to share pricing feedback along as it comes in. Relay is still growing and evolving and we’re working hard to make this new product a great solution for your families.


I guess the reality at this point is $15 for the case isn’t particularly unreasonable given what is probably a fairly limited production run. And, the $10.85 for shipping seems to be the minimum Republic’s logistics partner charges for UPS ground shipping.To test that theory, I placed a Micro SD card (also a lightweight $15 item) in my Republic shopping cart with the same resulting $10.85 for shipping. All in all, with the $10 service credit offsetting the shipping expense not a bad deal.

About all I have to offer in the way of a suggestion is it might be worth pursuing USPS options with the logistics partner.


If you order 2 cases how come they cant ship it in one package/box for the shipping the $10.35?


I placed two cases in my shopping cart this morning and went through checkout and I see a single shipping charge of $10.85, so it appears you can.


Thanks for the suggestion. We’re looking into this possibility. Republic does use USPS for shipping some smaller items, but I can’t make any assurances at this point since there are a lot of moving parts. If anything changes, I’ll be sure to update!


@rolandh is correct. Please let us know if you’re seeing a duplicated shipping charge. A screenshot would be helpful if possible.