Cell & Relay off


Had the relay on charge all night along with the cell. Both working fine in the house. Went to town and tested it as the wife went in the Post Office. When I opened the app, I got the message (in the RW Relay App) I was not on the Internet. And the app would not start. The Relay had a solid red light on and it would likewise do nothing.

After some time, when I got on WiFi both seemed to work okay.

I was not aware I had to be on WiFi for them to work ?

And the app keeps telling me the volume is too low and I might miss messages. But the Relay was at max volume.


@jimdwest: Check to make sure you have cell service turned on for your Relay (perhaps you disabled 4G LTE?).

Your phone will also need a data plan to run the app if it does not have WiFi signal. Make sure your phone can access the internet when not in range of a WiFi account.

The warning about the volume being too low in the app is for your phone, not for the Relay. It was alerting you that your phone’s volume was down.


That’s the first I’ve heard about requiring a data plan to use the Relay. So in addition to the $7 monthly Relay fee, now I need to increase the cost of the RW cell plan ?

For us that is a Relay killer.


You need data to use the Relay App (or any app) when away from wifi. This could be on a phone on any carrier or any app for that matter. The relay device plan includes everything necessary for that device.


And what is the “Relay Device Plan” ?? I don’t think everything necessary is correct if it does not work without WiFi.


Ok, let’s try this again:

  1. The Relay is a physical device. This physical device can work on wifi or cellular networks. The plan for these is $7/mo. This covers the usage of the physical Relay device (on wifi or off, doesn’t matter). You do not need a cell phone at all, much less a cell data plan to make the physical Relay device work.

  2. There is a Relay App that can run on your phone. This app is like any other app (like Facebook or YouTube as examples). When connected to wifi, they work via wifi. If you are away from wifi, they require cellular data. If your cellular plan does not have access to cellular data, then the apps won’t work. This is true for all apps, on all carriers and has nothing to do with what you’re paying to use the physical Relay device.