Changing a relay name online


Hey guys. So my son just got his relay a couple weeks ago and we set up the nickname he wanted to use through the app. However, whenever he is out of service the relay uses a different name: the one that is set up with the service plan. Is there a way to change his nickname online so that he only has the one? It’s starting to frustrate him


This does not have anything to do with changing the name online vs. using the app. The second name he is hearing is the default name for the device since it is offline and not connected to the relay server which is where it would be getting the name you gave it from. I am unaware of a process to replace the default coded name of the device.


I understand how your son wouldn’t like that! We’ll definitely want to take a closer look at what’s going on there. You can start a conversation with our support team through your Relay app so they can dig into it and figure out why that’s happening.