Channel Alert to Relay?


Is there a way to send a channel Alert from the relay app to the relay device itself? We have three channels setup (mom, dad, son–mom, son–and dad, son). So if son had been chatting with Dad on one channel but I want to contact him on another, but he is still on dad, son channel will he be notified?

Notification tone for relay

You would have to send a message on the “main” channel and ask them to switch to the other channel.


So an alert should be sent if the app sent from the main channel?


Any time there is a message on the main channel the Relay is switched off the sub-channel and the message is received.


@Jodibug a thing to keep in mind is that @louisdi is saying that the app user will be stating a message (goto mom channel, etc) in the main relay channel and there is no functionality to send an alert tone. One thing to keep in mind is that talking on the Relay channel will move all users to that channel so it would move Mom and Dad to that channel if they are logged in and active.


Is this something that’s understandable, or that’s confusing? Is this the way you would expect your Relay to work? And if not, would a notification be helpful?


In theory I understand the importance of the Relay channel and why all users get pulled to it when someone talks on it but in actual use of the product I have find conflict with it. We dont use the main Relay channel any longer to help certain app users not get notifications.


This is really helpful to hear, and understand how things are working for your family. Appreciate you sharing and this use case is definitely something we will be discussing internally.