Channel Alerts for Multiple Channels?


We have a combined family, and purchased relays for our children to be able to communicate regardless of which household they’re at. However, since the “relay” channel is the only one where kids get forced notifications, it always pushes a notification to ALL kids… Is there a way to set up channel alerts from the phone/parent app to a different channel?? This would be super helpful. Sometimes, we’re just trying to contact the children that are with us at the time, but it also sends our message to other children at another parent’s house (which has been a complaint).

Relay question for divorced family

Simple answer, no, there isn’t a function you describe. Right now you’d have to make sure that the kids that are with you have their Relays on whatever the sub-channel you want to use with them is and then that’s the channel you would talk on from the App in order to get to them only. As long as their Relays are on that channel, they’ll hear you.


I’m having this challenge as well. How is my son supposed to know which channel to be on if myself or his Dad are trying to reach him? Currently , the only channel that works has us both on it and we don’t want or need to hear the others conversation!


The main channel would need to be used for something like: “Switch to channel dad” or “Switch to channel mom” to get the child over to that channel. There isn’t another way right now.


That’s a bummer. I hope they are working on it. Without being able to alert our son to switch to the correct channel we may be returning it. It’s disruptive to hear conversations and hearing a constant “kid, switch to Mom/Dad” is counter productive. The app has potential to be great!


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