Channel Alerts retired? Any SOS alternative for non-emergency alerts?

With the SOS feature in place to alert users of an emergency, and the Smart Assistant now using the “hold volume for 2 seconds” function, it seems channel alerts have been retired.

Is there a mechanism on the Relay to alert an app user that you need to talk, short of initiating an SOS emergency? If my wife is away from her phone but I need some information from her right now – but I’m not in any danger – is there an alternative to the SOS?

Like, if I go to the store for groceries and only remember 4 of the 5 items I was supposed to get, I don’t want to raise her blood pressure to ask her if it was ranch dressing she wanted me to get, but I don’t want to hang around the store for 10 minutes until she gets back to her phone either.

It’s a minor issue; reframing our interpretation of what the SOS is for is fine and will prevent hyperstolic episodes ;). Just wondering.

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Thanks for your question!

There is not a current feature that allows you to ‘alert’ the phone without using the SOS feature, but you can send a message like normal and the Relay app will send a notification that the Relay is trying to get in touch with them. If you send your wife a Direct Chat, then she will receive the notification and also have the missed message waiting for her when she opens the app. As long as her phone settings are enabled to receive notifications, then those should come through on her phone. If you have any issues getting that set up, please reach out to our support team.

We are currently exploring other alert features for Relay so you can let someone know that you want to talk to them, but without sending an SOS alert that may cause some panic. If you have any additional questions, then please let us know!

Notifications! Of course! Hadn’t thought to change those settings. Thanks so much!

You are welcome, I’m so glad that helped!! Let us know if you have any additional questions about getting those set up for Relay.

Hello, I’m glad I found this post. It seems the information at the following links is out of date:

…I was unable to send any alert to my (android) phone, by holding the Relay’s volume button down for 2+ seconds. First I tried in direct chat, then thought I might have to use a channel and tried Everyone. But it still doesn’t alert the phone.

Perhaps the video and webpage need to be updated?

Channel alerts was replaced with SOS.

We use holding down the volume button for the assistant now. I will ask the support team to clean up the knowledge base.

Thanks for pointing this out.