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I can’t wait to get a relay for my 7 year old and my 4 year old, I have 2 questions 1. Can the relay call different phones like mine or my wife or is it synced to just one phone also 2. Gsm sim card offer no coverage where I am can I get a CDMA sim with it


Relay will connect to a phone through an app downloaded from the Play Store.
Starting out, the relay device will use the CDMA network.

More information on this blog in this neighborhood.


When I get the Relay I’ll let you know how well it works while roaming. My TracFone is useless near our border as it doesn’t roam. But we’ll see if the kid can reach daddoo (republic phone) while driving near the border to Mexico. A quarter of our city is enveloped by Mexico’s cell service which isn’t terrible if you can roam.


Well, the Relay certainly won’t roam on Mexican carrier cell signals. The only roaming possible will be on the domestic roaming partner of the carrier your Relay is configured with. So, in the initial batch which I understand are Sprint backed, on the Verizon or US Cellular towers (and some very small regional players) that Sprint is contracted to for roaming.


Knowing Republic’s history with roaming data coverage, I’d be surprised if Relay devices are truely configured to roam for data. This help article answer is vague and the question is framed about GSM roaming. Maybe Republic could clarify further. Will location, Relay-to-Relay and Relay-to-phone communication actually function (go through) when the Relay device is roaming?

Relay can use CDMA networks to roam…


I agree, the article isn’t great. I’m going strictly based on Republic’s statements regarding roaming with the Relay. The current generation Republic phones do have roaming data for their purposes (call set-up, texts, MMS) so it isn’t so much of a stretch.


Keep in mind our articles are written based on specific questions that people ask through tickets, community, social etc. Someone asked specifically “does the Relays roam over to GSM”. The answer is “no, it does not work that way”. It roams over to CDMA roaming partners. It was a very specific answer to a specific question. If nobody reads or asks that again the article will at some point be deprecated but, for now, it has proven, at least for one person, to be needed.

Everything the Relay does is over data, either cellular or WiFi. All current features are supported over native coverage and while roaming. I say “current features” because the future of channels and other added features is wide open. If we are doing our job right then the user of the Relay should never have to concern themselves as to whether they are roaming or not, it would just work.


Thanks @SeanR


Looks like this help article was updated discussing roaming in a generic way.


Well I am going to give it the great test This week
Wii be in US cellular area near the Oregon/ Nevada
area. They are real strong up there will have the fi phone with me. So it will be interesting . Will see what happens.


I was having trouble getting my relays working in areas that should have had CDMA roaming coverage. I opened a ticket and found out that roaming is not currently working and a configuration update is needed to get the relays to work in roaming areas. Hoping to see that update soon.


Thanks for sharing this with The Neighborhood. I’ll be sure to update this thread once it is available so others are aware. In the meantime, would you mind letting me know your ticket number so I can make sure it’s getting taken care of?