Channels and how users navigate the Relay


I am looking for details from someone who was included in the trials and KNOWS the answers rather than speculation and such…
I have heard of Relay having different channels (like walkie talkies) and while I think that is a great idea, I am wondering if you can walk me through the execution of something like this. I have 3 children and I would like to create 4 channels, 1 for all of us and the others for a direct link between myself and each child. Is this somewhat what you are speaking of when you refer to the channels it has. I am trying to see if the Relay is going to work out for us, and I would like to get 4 of them, but the only option is to buy 3 and buy 1, which according to the things I have read, would place the 4th on a separate account and unable to communicate with the other 3 (unless I have that all wrong). Please advise how to accomplish this for my family. TIA


Great questions here! I’d love to help clarify the points you have brought up. At this time, your Relays will have two channels: One channel for the group to communicate in, and one fun voice-changing channel. Here is more information on how these channels work: Can I Create Custom Channels for Relay? – RelayGo
In terms of buying 4 Relays, you can definitely do so. All 4 can be set up on the same Relay account when you receive and activate each Relay.