Companion App Talk Functionality



I know this is being worked on, but I can’t stress enough how useless this service is without being able to talk and listen on the companion app. It can’t come soon enough. We bought the 3 pack for our kids, and didn’t buy any for us parents because we don’t want to carry even more devices. Right now it’s just a fun toy for the kids, but without the ability to call them in for dinner, or home from a friend’s house, the monthly fee just doesn’t make sense.

Is this something we can expect in days? Weeks? Months? I hope no other future features are in line ahead of this.


I agree that the app communication functionality is important, and obviously Republic Wireless does as well. That is why they did not release the Relay yet, except for early adopters who agreed to take the device (and pay for it and the service) without this feature working yet.

Did you agree to the same thing that I did? Perhaps you don’t mean it this way, but your message seems to come off somewhat as a complaint, which is what I think Republic was intending to avoid by being up front and giving their customers choices.

My own opinion is that in agreeing to take the device early and without this feature, we agreed not to complain about our choice.


Interesting take. My objective is to express the opinion that this feature should be at the very top of their to do list. We’re not beta testers, just early adopters.

I think what Republic was hoping to avoid with the early release are hasty cancellations, and complaining about the service in outside, public forums, such as social media and review sites, neither of which would I do. This forum was set up for internal discussions about the service and to provide feedback which is what we are doing here.


For what its worth, the email I received offering the opportunity to receive my Relays early (as opposed to 4-6 weeks) promised the app functionality you seek would be available in the 4-6 week timeframe. In other words, had I waited the original 4-6 weeks I’d expect a fully functioning app and that remains my expectation. Additionally, though not formally a beta tester, I do note the Relay app I’m using is indeed beta.


I did not read it as a complaint, but rather a statement that users might like this before the addition of channels, or clips, or renaming the units in the app. I knew this feature was not going to be available yet, but I do look forward to it. As was stated in another post, I would like them to find a way to either transcribe the message or leave incoming Relay calls as a type of voice message so that it does not interrupt work. When my kids Facetime me, I can always silence or ignore the call. It may be more of an issue if they can simply beep in.


Thanks for pointing that out. It’s something to look forward to.


It will be interesting to see how the app will work for communication.

I know a relay will tell you if no other devices are connected to the relay network, but to my knowledge does not tell you who is connected. If my phone is disconnected from the relay server then how would someone know.

Great chance to go over the fundamentals of effective communication.

If the other party does not get or understand the message then you have a failure in communication.

Someone blindly talking into a relay is certainly a “tree falling in the woods” if no one is listening.


I am moving this to a discussion since it has already been stated that we are going to deliver this so it is not an idea to put a vote on.


I wasn’t chosen as a tester but I was invited to be in this forum and I have ordered the 2 pk for now but it said 4-6wks on mine. I was under the impression it was fully marketed by now.
How can I get them sent sooner? Do you have a person you contact with the company?


Same @rolandh here. No contact with the company, they just made the offer after we pre-ordered.


The Relay has been ‘fully marketed’ for some time now, but with a future release date. That future release date is still in the future (2-4 weeks to go!) “Pre-ordering” (order now, and have it (them) shipped when they are released) was opened up 2 weeks ago, for shipping in 4-6 weeks. Those who pre-ordered early (not sure if it was all pre-orders or how customers were selected) received an email offering them the opportunity to receive their Relay(s) in advance of the actual release date, with the caveat that not all features (primarily talking through the app on a phone) were available, yet. Features would be released as time went on. I took advantage of the offer and have had my Relay for about a week. Since I only have one (only one child remaining at home), it does not do much now, but I have used it to track my 13-year-old at the amusement park when she has wanted to go off with a friend, and it worked well. I understand that Relay to Relay communication (if they are on the same account) works fine as well. Documentation is not yet organized very well (from my observations), but I think it is important to understand that the Relay is still “pre-release.”


Thanks for clarifying that mouthful, Dan. I’m in the process of ordering mine now, was hoping there would be a way for us to get them early as well.


The email was very clear… Assuming you had a chance to read it. I had not read the email yet and instead received a phone call asking if I wanted the device early and none of that was explained to me in the call. I’m not complaining though. I did, after accepting to receive it early, read the email and realized I probably should have just waited. No big deal though my kids are still having fun with their devices and it’s plenty worth it to me.