Completely confused


Hi. Just now attempting to use relay santa brought my kid. Is he unable to leave me a message? That was literally why I bought it. Based on the ads I thought I could message him, “go to park after school” and when he received msg afterschool he could then reply that he is indeed headed to the park, for example.
Can he not reach me unless the app is open on my phone?
Not giving me the warm, fuzzy, safe feeling I wanted when I chose this over the gizmo smart watch.


You are correct, at this time there is not a way to leave a message, be it from the Relay device to the app user or from an app user to the Relay device user. I know this is something that has been working on and will be adding it as a channel. I believe on the last live Facebook video at the beginning of December ( they talked to the point that this is something that the community has been asking for so is something they have been working hard to get completed.

So you are correct with being a 1 Relay device user, you will not be able to be reached unless the device is open with the exception of when the user of the device holds the volume button for at least three seconds and that will send a notification to you letting you know that the device is trying to reach you.

Don’t let the warm and fuzzies go away just yet. These devices are a great thing, I have been following them for quite some time and have had one as early as I could get one shipped to me and have been happy with them, with what they have continued to add, and the fact that they listen to their customers here on the neighborhood.


Hi @jennifert.7hfwdp,

I just sent you a DM to see if there’s anything else we can do to make your experience better.

Relay does not currently have a way to leave/save messages like a voicemail or inbox. But we are actively working to add that feature. In the meantime, he should be able to send you notifications if he needs to reach you and your app is not open, this video demonstrates how the notifications work: