Crafting & Creativity: How do you & your family get creative?


I’ve definitely noticed a trend of crafting for adults in the past few years. As the owner of a couple coloring books for adults myself :art:, and fan of the new show, ‘Making It’ (it’s a fun watch and the hosts are two favorites of mine), it seems like ‘grown folks’ are getting more and more in touch with their creative side for various reasons: to unwind and relax, to expand upon thriftiness, even as side businesses. We’re putting down our smartphones, turning off the streaming services, and doing more tactile-centric things.

But crafting and creating :crayon: has always been, and remains a huge development tool for children as well. The craft store Michaels has recently embraced the necessity for kids to be screen-free by revamping their stores and rebranding with in-store and online creative activities and tools at the center. If you’re interested in taking your kids to see what it’s all about, there’s a nationwide kick-off event on Oct. 6th.

So let’s talk about crafting…

  1. How often do you craft on your own/with other adults? Are you in any sort of a club or collective?

  2. How often do your kids craft and create at home?

  3. Do you join in and co-create with them? If so, what are some of the activities you do together?

  4. What do you see the primary goal(s) of your kids’ creating/crafting being? Kill time? Exercise creativity? Learn processes/steps towards completing a task? Hone particular artistic skills? Encourage parallel play?

  5. What do you think about businesses like this shifting more towards children/children’s products?