Crash when phone connected to Bluetooth speaker


Has anyone noticed or discussed the app crashing REPEATEDLY when their phone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker? I had trouble today (first day) but it seemed to solve when I disconnected the speaker.


I’ve connected my phone to multiple bluetooth items (always connected to my watch, have connected to headphones, have connected to my car) without seeing a crash in the app.


I have also connected many devices to my phone and have not had the app crash. @WiscoTeach have you tried to replicate the issue after restarting the phone? If this is somethings that is continuously replicable then you will want to open a help ticket.


Yes I was able to replicate after a restart. Happens with my Jawbone Jambox. Haven’t tried any of my other devices yet. Thank


Is there anything “special” you have to do to get it to crash? Or is it as simple as open app, connect to bluetooth device, crash?


Bluetooth already running, if I open relay app and press the button to send a message, it crashes. Now replicated with our Jambox as well as a pair of wireless headphones.


I won’t be able to test until Tuesday, but I’ll give it a shot then.

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