Create way to configure wifi on Relay in absence of Cellular (BT, USB or Wifi Direct)



Problem: If out of range of cellular, the Relay becomes inoperative, even if there is wifi unless that wifi has been configured in advance on the Relay. For foreign travel, this would require that the user carry a pre-configured wifi AP with them.

Solution: Add a Bluetooth, USB or Wifi Direct way to configure for a local wifi network in absence of a cellular signal.

And no, I have no idea what the effort would be or how many customers would find this of value.


For someone who is out of range of cell signal (even though the Sprint coverage map says we are at Fair to Excellent), the device is rendered useless unless it is driven into an area with (better than Excellent?) coverage. As the Relay representative said on a support call when asked about this, “this defies logic”.

Alternatively, maybe using the charging cable to plug it into a computer to set up?


There is no USB port on the device. The device uses a magnetic pogo pin system for charging. Unclear to me if there’s data transfer possible through it. I’ll connect my phone to my PC later to see if there’s any recognition.


It is recognized it as an Android device on a computer. Seems as good as if not better a request than bluetooth since it says the connection’s transfer speed is 480 Mbps


You can plug the Relay into your computer by keeping the charge cable connected to the relay and unplugging the USB connector from the charging plug. Then plug the USB connector into a computer.


Yes the question wasn’t about if it was physically possible but if the device offered a data connection. As @joelandtessi stated above it is recognized as an Android device so the suggestion of allowing the request by USB is possible (for consideration for development).


To keep the account holder’s a chain of custody it would likely need to be a data connection from a phone with app to the Relay possibly using a USB cable or BT…

If music playlists will be available as advertised there would need to be some way to download those to the Relays.That may be planned via WiFi necessitating an additional data path.


This was asked and answered a number of times above already.


After doing a search, I cant’ seem to find the number of answers as to how music will get on the relay.

Care to share your source? Thanks.


No, because I was referring to a data connection over the USB connector. If you connect your Relay via USB to your computer you’ll see it shows up as an Android device. Therefore the cable and magnetic connector are capable of passing data. As to how/if this will be used, I have no idea.


Thanks for the clarification of your previous response.