Custom iOS app notification tone



The audible iOS alert is a default 3 tone chime. There is no way that I can see in the settings to change this. This doesn’t really make sense for this product. many other apps use this tone so we need a tone that differentiates the relay app alerts from other alerts that are less important. For example my ring doorbell app has a very distinct tone for it’s alerts so I know exactly what it means when I hear it.


This would be very useful for Android as well.

We use our Relay for emergency purposes, so being able to set the notification sound to something a lot more noticeable would be nice.


I am on Android 8.0 and it has the ability to change each notification tone so I have changed to to a very loud emergency type tone. I understand older versions of Android does not have this capability so it would be nice to have it baked into the app but for those that can should change it from their default tone to help know when it is a relay notification.


While Android is indeed more flexible with regard to notifications, my belief generally is the feature set for Relay’s app should be the same across platforms.


Hello. We have three relays plus my phone app as a relay. With four kids under twelve, we will use them all! I agree that a different notification tone would be great. If you look at the Voxer app, it nails it for the option and notifications. Reminds me of my old Nextel push to talk (former employee). Maybe a notification such as that when someone is talking? Couple that with the other new feature where you save the message and you have a winner!


Welcome to The Neighborhood @TechCowboy and thanks for jumping into all of these discussions. Cool to see the connections you’re making to Voxer, I’ll be interested to hear more feedback as you use Relay & see the two compare even more- understanding your different use cases(kids/family vs. adults/smartphone users.