Data usage when using Relay?


I’m excited to be part of the beta test group for Relay. How will the device use data, and will it be tied to our phone plans? Will there be plans available that provide more data for those individuals who would stream music or otherwise do more than just walkie-talk with then?


I’m pretty sure unlimited PTT is included in the base plan. Good question about music (if/when offered in future), as that could potentially be quite a data gobbler. A reasonably hi-fi (but not best-quality) stream of 128k bps uses about a megabyte a minute. Double or triple that if you choose the highest-quality audio streaming.


Hey there @Archie and welcome to The Neighborhood! Relay’s service plan is not combined with your phone plan and the plan itself comes with unlimited use for $6.99 per Relay, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about data usage :slight_smile: .


I believe I read that music would be stored locally on the Device itself. It looks like there may be a microSD card slot on the Relay, so I’m guessing that there wouldn’t be any streaming, you would load up the SD card with music.


Hi @SmartPhoneHoldout

Yes, they do mention music in the original blog…

Music: This would allow you to listen to music on the go, right from your Relay.

…although I’m not sure how that will work. It shows a SIM tray, but not an SD card slot, unless it’s a combo SIM/SD card tray.


@c1tobor is on the right track. We do not have an SD card slot for Relay, but it does have on-device storage. With that being said, we have a number of ways we can deliver music to Relay! Stay tuned for more info to come on that.


Is any streaming service supported, or are there only specific services that would work at this time?

Is it compatible with Google Play? If so, would it be possible to limit the music to a specific playlist I have set up for the kids?

EDIT: what about Overdrive? My 8 year old obsessively listens to audiobooks from the library on Overdrive. If she could listen to it on the Relay, she would not need my old Moto X that she has discovered she can download games to.


Such great questions! At this time we haven’t nailed down any specifics when it comes to streaming services on Relay. This is a question we’ve gotten from many people, and something we plan to implement in future updates to Relay. The audiobooks function is a really cool idea!


Hi again! We have just received some clarification on this from our developers and wanted to share it with you. Although Relay does not have an SD card slot, it does have on-device storage. With this, it allows for us to explore a number of different options for getting music capability on Relay. We’ll be nailing those details down soon, so stay tuned for more updates :slight_smile:


Thanks! I saw the SIM card drawer and thought it was an SD card.