Delayed Message Playback or Message Repeat Feature



Solution 4 - use “radio protocol”…

Most two-way radio services use some sort of protocol, primarily of getting and confirming the other stations’s attention BEFORE saying the actual message. It needn’t be to formal; for a family situation it could be as simple as…

(Dad) “Bobby, this is dad calling.”
(Bobby) “This is Bobby. Go ahead dad.” or even “This is Bobby. Can you standby a minute while I turn the TV down first?” or whatever

Then the actual conversation proceeds.

Any time the channel has been idle for any significant length of time, do the calling sequence first to make sure you have the other person’s attention. You could make it fun for kids by using code names instead of real names, or whatever. The idea is to be sure someone is listening instead of transmitting “blindly”. You can’t expect someone to be listening and ready to understand if they are engaged in another activity or conversation, and you don’t know if they are or are not.


You can’t expect someone to be listening and ready to understand if they are engaged in another activity or conversation, and you don’t know if they are or are not.

I do exactly that all the time… Call CQ just waiting for people somewhere in the world to answer the call. :grinning:


It might also be helpful when relay accessories come out. If your relay hung from a lanyard around your neck instead of being in shorts pockets it could be easier to hear and respond. Also perhaps an earpiece attached and keeping the relay in a shirt pocket.


I bought one Relay which is to arrive today, intended for my 11 year old. The main purpose is to be able to get in contact with him after sports practices and other extra-curricular activities, school, at friends’ houses, etc. I’m guessing the Relay will often be in his backpack, and my hope was that if I leave a message he would play the stored message once he gets back to his Relay. I’m not sure how useful it will be if I have to demand that he always be listening for me on it.


We are working on a feature for what you describe. We are working on the details of leaving a message. Right now it is like a walkie talkie, so no voicemail, but your son can pick it up and check in any time.

“Hey I’m out of practice who is picking me up?” etc…


We only bought one Relay, so will his message to me be saved until I open my phone app? The limitation is that the system doesn’t yet deliver delayed messages in the other direction (from the phone app to the Relay)?


No your son would hold down the volume button for 3 seconds and that would send you an alert that he wants to talk then you open the app and you can start talking. He basically pings you and then you can start. Kind of like ringing the doorbell.


Ok, now that I have the Relay, I think the notification you described is sufficient for my son to initiate a conversation from the Relay, although it would be even better if accounts without a second Relay could get the notification after the Relay user pressed the talk button (rather than having to hold the volume button). It would be also nice if I could select a different app notification sound (other than the Android default).

Going the other way (initiating a conversation from the app) needs some work. I think regardless of whether I can leave a voice message for him to replay, the Relay really needs a repeated notification sound along with a constant-on light notification when an app user is trying to get in touch with the person using the Relay.


You can go in to settings >Apps & Notifications > Relay > App Notifications > Channel Alert - Relay Chat and then Sound. You can set any of the notification sounds you want.


I’m probably missing something. I’m on Android 7.0 (moto g4 plus). In settings I have Notifications or Apps (two separate entries). If I go into Apps and select Relay, I can select Notifications. Or if I go into Notifications from the top settings menu then select Relay, that takes me to the same Relay notifications menu. But in that menu, my only selections are “Block all”, “Show silently”, “On the lock screen” and “Override Do Not Disturb”. I see no place to select a different notification sound.


I would have to check. I have a Pixel 2 so different OS version.


Sadly this does not work on a Republic Plan 1 Moto X.

I have to give up my refund plan to get a newer phone with a secure operating system or change the notification sounds.

Programmable buttons on Relay

I’d like a way to send my kid a message. How it works:
My kid is at camp. I know I’m going to be 10 minutes late picking him up.
From my phone I send his relay a message, “Sorry, I’m going to be 10 minutes late”.
When he gets the phone out of his backpack, at the end of the day, he sees the light is pulsing, meaning he has a message.
He hits the big button, and listens to message.

Programmable buttons on Relay

This is covered in the this feature request: Delayed Message Playback or Message Repeat Feature. I’m going to move your post over to that thread- be sure to place a vote there too.

Sending channel alert + message should be 1 step and configurable

I agree! I want to be able to leave a message, or even get a message that I can check on break at work!


Mostly on the phone app having the ability to replay the last message would be stellar. Also knowing who the last message was from if I can see my spouse has responded while I am at work I don’t need to jump on and say “Was someone trying to get a hold of me?”